one-eye-jackA local trader developed a man made pond and filled it with rainbow trout. One trout was stronger, healthier and wiser than the rest. The trader was especially fond of this trout and nicknamed him"Jack".

He grew to be the largest and most colorful trout in the pond. He weighed in at a whopping 9 pounds. One day he got into a terrible scrap with a mean Great Blue Heron and lost an eye. After that he was affectionately known as "One-Eyed Jack'.

Everyday Jack would circle the pond and watch for people. Jack became very tame and loved kids. He would let the kids pet and feed him.

In 1997, a flood made the pond overflow into the Chippewa river and all the trout escaped including Jack.

Fishermen have reported sighting a large trout circling in the river and then staring at them with one eye before disappearing into the cold deep water. Others tell of losing their expensive bait to something that fought like a whale.

All we know is that Old "One-Eyed Jack' is still somewhere in the Chippewa River ranging freely from miles north of Benson to south toward the Minnesota River. Witnesses tell stories of a huge fish that allows the kids to pet it before it dashes away.